April 2017
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La Mesa Sunrise

Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 7:15 AM
Marie Callender's Restaurant
6950 Alvarado Rd
San Diego, CA  92120
United States
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Lynn Dehaven
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Welcome to our club!

Home Page Stories
Our 16th annual bowling fundraiser is just around the corner so gather your friends and family for a night of fun while helping our club fund our numerous programs!  Check out the details on our flyer:
Love Peace Happiness: Poems From the Heart

Join us in celebration of Love, Peace and Happiness while supporting your own Rotary Foundation with this Fundraising Opportunity.  

La Mesa Sunrise Rotary would like to partner with you in selling our first collection of 62 "original" poems in book form. 

     Contact Fern Hall at fern.rotary@gmail.com regarding purchases and questions. 


HELP WANTED - sorting books for the Liberia Book Drive.
When: EVERY Saturday morning 8-noon
Where: on the frontage road of SDSU, Canyon Crest Dr, on the north west corner of the parking lot
Please don't forget to bring water and sun protection and anything else you may need, such as a chair etc.
This is the container that needs to be filled!
Robert Saah working hard sorting books.
Go, team!
Keep up the hard work!
The book drive for Liberia is a collaboration of 4 groups or individuals: Compassion for African Villages; Richard Makau, President of the El Cajon Sunset Rotary Club; Lily Alba, one of our own RotarKidz; and Robert Saah. a member of the Saah family from Liberia who our club sponsored beginning in 2008.  School children in Liberia are desperate for textbooks.  They need our help and our aim is to gather 130,000 schoolbooks by the end of July and ship them to Liberia in August.
Check out the flyer for details!

Our Rotary District 5340 Model United Nations, patterned after Winnipeg Rotary’s MUN and started by our District's Pathways to Peace Committee 13 years ago, is the only one in the US.  Several hundred high school students from over 59 high schools engaged in simulated United Nations activities for an entire weekend.  Each school team was assigned a country to represent that was not part of their personal family heritage and issues were debated.  This year we had 4 students from Peru, Honduras, and Costa Rica - Joel, Aryani, Gabriela, and Ricardo.  This year's Model UN event was held on April 8 and 9 at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego.









On October 29, 2016 our club sponsored a fundraising party to celebrate Halloween. The event was incredibly fun and all had a great time.  See more photos at our Photo albums tab!

The Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise had the privilege of making a small contribution to an inspiring event that was the brainchild of a Helix Charter High School student:

Uniting for Common Ground

Police and La Mesa youth have more in common than one might think.  Historically the youth have not always felt safe around law enforcement and police have not always understood the lack of respect they have observed from youth.  One student remarked, “We’re afraid of the police because we don’t trust what they will do!”  The police commented, “All the youth have to do is to follow our direction.”  The students were not convinced the police had their best interest in mind and believed the police were there to hassle them rather than help.

A Helix Charter High School Resident Leadership Academy decided to take action to resolve these fears and address the misunderstandings between youth and law enforcement.  Under the leadership of Helix High Senior Asia Duncan, the students joined together with the La Mesa Police Department (LMPD) and the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) to design an opportunity for open dialogue and active listening between youth and law enforcement where both sides heard each other’s concerns and addressed fears and frustrations. 

La Mesa Sunrise Rotary hosts another world famous garage sale!
Edda and Janet
We put our newest member Paulo to work
Molly shopping - members get first dibs!
Very fashionable, Elena!
Thanks for hosting, Jeff!  Fern is probably busy working in the background somewhere.
Our garage sale even attracts celebrities!  The Skipper made it, but I guess Gilligan was busy at another gig.
On September 16, the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club will be meeting at Noah Homes.
The meeting will showcase the new facilities for patients.  Breakfast will be served and the program will be a tour of the grounds.
Come and Enjoy a beautiful Friday morning together with Molly Nocon and her crew of wonderful caretakers.
Please Click here for a map and directions for getting to Noah Homes.
Rotarians from around the district met at the Feeding America Distribution Center to help sort food, repack bulk foods, and fill bags to help families in need
Our very own Cindy and Susan.
Feeding the Homeless at the Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach 
Jeff, Muff, Peggy, Fern, Elena, and Ivan making our famous stone soup chili.
Never the same recipe (because there isn't any), but delicious every time!
We also served Christine's delicious cornbread muffins.
Isabel, Muff, Bobbi, Elena, and Fern
Celebrating the tradition of escorting the old president out and ushering the new president in, the Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise held its annual In & Out party at the home of the ever-gracious Jeff and Fern Hall.  Thank you for the hospitality, Jeff and Fern!
Hugo looked great, as did Madame Finemaster Peggy
Goodwill ambassadors Janet and Jimmy
Our newest member Elly with incoming president Lynn
Edda, Floyd, Marlene, Mindy and Mike
Clara with our very own incoming District Governor Marilyn
Tad, Marilyn, and hostess/past president Fern
Ana with our newest Rotar-Kidz Makai and Anjali
Soon-to-be past president x 2 Manuela with incoming president Lynn
Incoming board members Elly, Bobbi, Jo Ann, David, Laurel, Betty (Incoming president-elect), Fern, Manuela, and Lynn
Another successful bowling fundraiser with plenty of camaraderie!
Our fearless planners Fern and Christine
Jo Ann, Muff, and Peggy at the check-in table
Fern and students
Janet and Christine
Hugo, Dolores, and Jimmy
Hi, John!
Nom nom nom, David
Cheers, Grant!
Mike, et al.
Team Morrow
Betty, Cindy, and team at the cosmic lanes
I think someone had a birthday at this lane.
La Mesa Sunrise Rotary wins the best hospitality suite at the district conference once again!
Great job, team!
Lynn, Bobbi, Ana, and our head planner extraordinaire Edda
Lynn and Muff manning the table
Edda and Manuela with one of our samba dancers in the background
Muff, Lynn, and Elly learning how to make mechanical hands
Muff and Betty
Happy group dinner
Our event this year involved working with the San Diego River Park Foundation in Santee.  We teamed up with the La Mesa Noon club and Interactors and planted native plants along the San Diego River channel.  Christine provided breakfast and the La Mesa Noon club provided lunch afterward.  Fun was had by all! 

Bobbi and Muff were the welcoming gate keepers.

Group photo!  Thanks all you hard workers!


Stepping stone makers



Our Rotary District 5340 Model United Nations, patterned after Winnipeg Rotary’s MUN and started by our District's Pathways to Peace Committee 12 years ago, is the only one in the US.  Several hundred high school students from over 59 high schools, including two from countries outside of the US, engaged in simulated United Nations activities for an entire weekend.  Each school team was assigned a country to represent that was not part of their personal family heritage.  Issues were debated, such as “Shall Syria be appointed as a voting member to the UN Security Council?”.  The event was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel on April 9-10. 

Groups of students formed caucases.  With the camera is Lloyd Sabin, Helix High social science teacher and tireless MUN coach.

Enthusiastic Helix Charter High School students

For the first time ever, 2 students from Costa Rica participated in MUN.  Here they are with their hosts President Manuela Bump-Murillo and Assistant District Governor Hugo Murillo.  This will be the start of a great tradtition!

Hugo and Manuela with La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club's soon-to-be first District Governor Marilyn Sanderson.

Nitya Timalsina was our guest speaker this week.  We first met her as a Helix High Interactor.  She has grown up into an absolutely inspirational young woman who learned that an individual can make a difference in this world.  Here is her presentation:  



Vibrant communities need many voices, and San Diego's young innovators are making themselves heard. Watch Nitya Timalsina, President & Founder of One Step Projects, discuss the future of service in San Diego.
Feeding the Homeless at the Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach 

Fern took charge of the stone soup chili makings, with Susan, Laurel, Diane, Edda, and Jeff helping.

Bill managed to escape being in photos by being the photographer.

Ana and her kids, Edda, and Susan are ready to serve!  As soon as the bowls and utensils arrive, that is.

Edda and Fern.  That's Christine's cornbread muffins. 

A fun time for everyone!

Thanks, Christine and Manuela (and probably many others), for organizing this! 

Bill and Betty

Clara and Marlene

Bobbi and Muff

Marilyn and Clara

Betty, Christine, and Laurel

Clara, Manuela, and Molly 

Ana and Hugo

Jo Ann wearing a festive garage sale steal (a tree skirt!)

Soon-to-be inducted Carroll with Daisy and Bobbi 

Nice spread!

Mark and Alix



Our biannual garage sale fundraiser was held on December 12 at the home of Jeff and Fern Hall.  It's a day full of team work, camaraderie, and goodwill and it attracts top notch clientele.  Our current president Manuela found Rotary through our garage sale.  And the rest is history!  

We give foster parents the night off while we feed and entertain their foster kids.  We end up being entertained as much as the kids!

Hugo, Manuela, Gail, Karen, and Aaron are ready to serve dinner.    

The wonderful staff of Child Welfare Services

Gail, Tad, Karen, and Clara having fun while working hard!

Floyd and Marlene

Interactor with Alyssa, Muff, and Diane

Interactors hard at work


Bobbi and DIane with Father Joe

Our first annual Halloween Party FUNdraiser to raise money for local scholarships was a successful and FUN event! 













Here is one member's review of the event: 
"The meal was great -- the energy was palpable -- the desserts were fabulous.  A terrific event!  And Marilyn (our very own future district governor) danced her way to the podium -- looking VERY hot!"
Read more details at: 
Our community service chair Peggy Davis arranged another outreach event with the Urban Street Angels on Friday Sept. 25, feeding homeless youth in Ocean Beach. The event was held at the Urban Street Angels' outreach center at the Episcopal Church Center where the homeless enjoyed a sit-down dinner. They loved our stone soup chili and corn bread muffins, judging by how quickly it was all eaten! The youth were also offered much appreciated socks, gloves, and toiletries. 


Congratulations LMSR for winning the award for BEST OVERALL Hospitality Suite at the recent 5340 District Conference in Palm Springs!
We all owe the Fundraising Committee a HUGE THANK YOU! You all have out-done yourselves! The concert, held at the Mission Trails Interpretive Center, was a big success both financially and entertainment-wise. We should change the word Fundraiser to Funraiser!


La Mesa Sunrise Rotarians of La Mesa, CA, gathered early Saturday morning to plant a fruit orchard at Noah Homes, a home for developmentally disabled adults.  Over 30 LMSR members showed up in their work gear and ready to go. We planted 41 fruit trees, enough to provide a variety of fresh fruit for the over 70 residents at Noah Homes. There were over 40 volunteers that came to participate in this event.

DG Marilyn Sanderson

Loreanzo Higley
May 05, 2017
Second Hand Smoke
Amanda Roussell and Elena Lujan
May 12, 2017
" Global Grant with Kenya."
Eric D. Lovett, Founder, Exec Director
May 19, 2017
Look Back with Urban Street Angels Team
District Governor Marilyn Sanderson
May 26, 2017
"The Generation Gap."
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